Ribtrax Smooth Pro

Ribtrax smooth is a more comfortable tile if you have to kneel on the floor and best suited for workshop equipment with wheels or castors, making it easier to transport around your space.

Easy to clean, no soil or debris will build up inside the gaps. the smaller gaps compared to our most popular tile give less risk of dropping small items through, 3mm gap instead of 5mm for Ribtrax.

This tile is an innovative new addition to our most popular tile style and features the appeal of a smooth and even surface. It has never been easier to transform your space with a Swisstrax flooring solution.

The smooth top of the tile allows for easier cleaning, the flat surface slots do not retain dirt or a lot of water. A quick vacuum from time to time and a simple mop or squeegee will suffice for cleaning.

You can also use a pressure washer or hose if you would like and it is possible, the water will drain under your tiles thanks to the draining structure of the tile and any water residue will evaporate. this is ideal for residential garages, detailers, commercial workspaces, even behind a bar, the choices of application are endless.

Available in multiple colours and can be used in conjunction with any of our tiles. See for yourself the difference it can make.

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