Swisstrax Garage Floor Tiles and Accessories

Swisstrax Modular Flooring

 Made with superior quality polypropylene copolymer, all ingredients are fully traceable and every supplier is EU compliant.  All Swisstrax tiles can be combined with ramp/corner edges that come in a variety of colours or our custom made metal ramp edges that can be powder coated in any RAL colour available.

Swisstrax Europe

Swisstrax have been the market leader and work with the biggest brands around the world. They hold copyright and licencing for this design and brand worldwide, our supplier is the licence holder for Europe and makes all the tiles in France.

As Swisstrax UK we are the official partner for the UK market and work closely with Swisstrax Europe to deliver the highest quality product and service in the UK. For over 20 years Swisstrax has provided the best garage floor tiles with the best warranty, hands down. Lifetime limited warranty, non-prorated, no restocking fees, and no hassles. Not that you will need to use it!

Elite Modular Flooring

As the official Swisstrax UK partner, we can create custom design using our market leading 3D CAD designer and can also fit your tiles with our Professional White Glove Installation Service,. Covering all of the United Kingdom,  we guarantee a perfect fit every time.


Swisstrax modular flooring tiles use a 4-point injection mould and 24 connectors for the most thorough and even material distribution. All Swisstrax modular interlocking floor tiles come with a limited lifetime warranty. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for any tiles that are in a re-usable condition.


Since being released in the UK, Elite Modular Flooring have set the standard for Garage Flooring, Detailing Studios and PPF specialists flooring to name a few sectors we have transformed. Our success has also shown the potential of Swisstrax Modular Flooring to the UK market, this has given rise to an influx of Chinese copies. You may find products that are similar, but they are imitations of the original Swisstrax tiles. 
Do not be fooled by photos or "warranty" descriptions,  they are all a copy/paste of Swisstrax products/website/business model. Other products are not made with the same standards or quality control measures, Hazardous raw materials are used with cheap grade polypropylene that is bulked up with ‘Talc’ and other agents instead of good raw material. Talc is a cheap alternative to Polypropylene and the key additives for anti static, anti-slip and UV stabilisers are minimal if any. 
You will notice imitation tiles have a Square centre piece, inconsistent Rib spacing (causing a strange gap pattern), faded colours, colour inconsistent batches and the sub-floor being visible from above the tiles.
They are also not always four point injection moulded (this is evidenced by the four dots on top of each quarter section of tile). They will also not all have the strengthening Rib that runs from corner to corner, both of these are vital to the overall longevity and strength of the tiles. They stop each tile curling, cracking and in general breaking over time. The Pins that hold the tiles together and should lock into the loops of other tiles are extremely fragile and thin. They do not "click" into each other, locking the tiles together. Over time this will cause the tiles to separate and raise above each tile section, causing an uneven surface and separating the tiles.

Swisstrax Design

The design of Swisstrax Ribtrax and Ribtrax Smooth tiles are all made up of the features mentioned above. All these features and more that are not obvious to the naked eye are all vital components of the strength and longevity of the tiles. 

A copy tile can give you the impression that they are the same and they copy the warranty wording and technical specs, like load ratings and fire ratings etc, but none are proven or tested in the EU.
Rest assured with Swisstrax everything is tested, certified and original giving you complete peace of mind.