Choose from thousands of images, patterns, colours or provide your own for a custom tile, made to withstand the demands of both residential and commercial environments.
Our graphic floor tiles have unlimited possibilities. Mix with different tile styles or add a custom graphic to showcase your style. Completely personalise your floor to reflect your style with a premium high quality image or company logo.
These panels can be integrated into all of the tiles in our range and can be positioned wherever you want. Completely Interchangeable, this system allows you to change your logo if you happen to sell your vehicle, without having to dismantle your floor.
The principle is simple, your logo is integrated into the Graphictrax panel and can be removed very easily. It is not a painted tile, but an extra hard 2mm vinyl plate integrated into your floor tile. Standard dimensions of a tile: (other dimensions on request) from one tile logo to multiple tiles. 

All Swisstrax interlocking tile flooring is easily and quickly installed by the end user, discover our simple guide to installation using the button below.

Installation Guide